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Voted ‘Best Hand Sanitizer in 2020’

Getting rated Best Hand Sanitizer of 2020 by Listly was the easy part– now, keeping up with the demand is the challenge!  But, we’re doing it…

Doing it Well

Hand Sanitizer Brands Aren’t Keeping Up Like Us

Hand Sanitizer Sale is a manufacturer of hand sanitization and cleaning supplies, based in the Midwest of the United States.  By being strategically located in the Greater Kansas City Area, we are able to serve the entire United States with hand sanitization supplies, and provide excellent value.

Hand Sanitizer Market ‘Under Dogs’

The hand sanitizer market was valued at $919 million in 2016, though that’s not the reason why we got involved in the market.  For us, it was from an abundance of encouragement from close friends of ours to enter, and help to contribute by providing higher-levels of service which this industry desperatively needed.  As an industry that is dominated by either fortune 500 companies or small mom & pop stores selling their batches of homemade hand sanitizers, we knew there was a middle ground that the market demanded.  That’s where we stand now.

The market for hand sanitizer is nearly 8x more than figures previously projected, and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to show the nation that the Under Dogs can still win and provide excellent value for our customers.

Our Headquarters

Our facility is strategically located in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.  This location in the Greater Kansas City Area enables us to logistically deliver the output necessary for serving customers across the nation due to its close proximity to I-435 (which leads to I-35 Highway going North and South) and 470 Highway (which leads into I-70 Highway going East and West).  Hand sanitizer can be delivered to distributors and direct-to-consumer all across the entire United States.